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Configure XAMARIN tool in Visual Studio 2015

Mobile Application Tools in VS:

  •          Native apps with .NET (XAMARIN)
  •          Hybrid apps with JavaScript (CORDOVA)
  •          Native apps with C++

XAMARIN overview:

XAMARIN is a tool which is used to write native Android, iOS, and Windows apps with native user interfaces and share code across multiple platforms, including Windows and macOS with C# codebase.

Configure XAMARIN tool in Visual Studio:

We will see how to configure XAMARIN tool here with simple steps,

Step 1 - Add Xamarin to existing VS 2015:

  • Go to control panel and select Programs and Features.
  • Select Microsoft Visual Studio and click Change button.
  • Click on Modify button in Visual studio installer.
  • In the Features tab, scroll down to Cross Platform Mobile Development and click the checkbox next to C#/.NET (Xamarin) as below,


Step 2 - Verify XAMARIN installation: 

  • Verify Xamarin options on click of Help and hover over the Xamarin.


  • Verify Xamarin options from Help à About Microsoft Visual Studio.


Step 3 - Configure XAMARIN SDK in Visual Studio:

  • Choose Tools à Android à Android SDK Manager.


  • Choose the required tools to install or update.


Step 4 - Verify Installed Development Kits required:


Step 5 - Download and Install Android Studio: (Optional platform for building Android apps)

Download Location for Android Studio:



Installation guidelines for Android Studio:

         Steps to Set up Android Studio:











Step 6 - Create Sample Xamarin App:

  • Click File à New à Project.



  • Choose Android à Blank App,
  • Choose name and location then click Ok


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