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paxScript for .Net Frameework

paxScript.Net is a scripting engine which includes interpreters of C# and VB.Net languages implemented as a .Net component. It is written in C#. Source code of paxScript.Net is CLS compilant. paxScript.Net compiles programs into byte-code written from scratch. It does not use CodeDOM and it does not generate a dynamic assembly. You can apply it to customize and extend your .Net application without having to recompile it.

Separate compilation of modules is allowed. You can combine source code modules and compiled (binary) modules in your paxScript.Net script project. paxScript.Net permits cross-language compilation, so you can combine C# and VB.Net modules in your scripts. Any host-defined .Net type or instance can be used in script application. The latest version 2.8 allows to use host-defined and script-defined generic types in your scripts.

C# interpreter is based on the ECMA-334 standard. It supports all C# language features with exception for the unsafe code and attributes. The interpreter extends standard of C# language with extra features which simplify the use of C# for scripting needs (the main function can be omitted).

You can call script-defined methods from host application.

You can debug your scripts with using breakpoints, call stack and watch/evaluate windows, and run scripts with use of trace into and step over debug modes.

Please visit site to learn more about paxScript.Net.
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