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Basics Of Data Structures

Define Data:

Information stored on Computer Memory. e.g. Files, Video, Audio, Photo, Program and Applications. These data should be stored on Computer Memory Efficiently and this is where Data Structure comes into Picture.


What is Data Structure?

Data Structure is a Method to store information. To solve any problem in real world, we focus on two things 

1. Data Structure - It Stores Information associated with the Problem.

2. Algorithm - It is a Method to Solve a Problem


Why we need Data Structure?

  • Data Structure is way of Arranging and Storing data efficiently in a Memory. Applications that uses data can access it efficiently.
  • Data Structure is a systematic way of Organizing and Accessing data.


Algorithm & Data Structure are used everywhere (Internet, Information Security, Cyber Security, Video Games and Developing Software)


Types of Data Structure:

  1. Linear Data Structure
    1. Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists


  1. Non - Linear Data Structure
    1. Trees, Heaps and Graphs
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