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How to develop android app using Phonegap

This articles helps to convert html file into Android APK. It means, some level of javascript and HTML knowledge is enough to create your first android application!

Follow the below steps to create your first android application. After compiling your APK, transfer it to your mobile device to install it.

Step 1

Download and Install Eclipse ADT Bundle. This will install eclipse with Android developer tools along with Android SDK tools.

 Step 2

After installing Eclipse ADT Bundle, Open Android SDK Manager and install the below components.


 Step 3 - Setting up Android Emulator

Android Virtual Device (AVD) needs to be created in order to simulate the application. To do it, Open AVD Manager, go to Window à Android Virtual Device Manager


Step 4 - Install Node.js

Node.js is required to install Command Line Interface. You can install it from here

Step 5 - Install Cordova CLI

Install/Update Cordova with npm using below line. Use "Cmd" Prompt and type the below command.

 $ sudo npm install  -g cordova

after installation, check "cordova  --version" to verify the version of Cordova installed. If version number is displayed, it means that you have installed Apache Cordova Properly. 

Step 6 - Install GIT

Install GIT From the below link to use "GIT CMD" to create Phonegap Project

Step 7 - Project Creation

We can create project by using below commands. Click on "GIT CMD" and enter below commands. "$" is optional when using "GIT CMD".

$ cordova create MyFirstApp com.mydomain.MyApp MyFirstApp
$ cd MyFirstApp
$ cordova platform add android

Instead of "android" in the above command, we can use "android@latest" to fetch the latest version of android.

Step 8 - Build

 $ cordova build

This command will build the PhoneGap application into APK file in the project path. Transfer this .apk file to your mobile device and install it.

Step 9 - Deployment

 $ cordova run android

 If you want to run it in emulator, executing the above command line will launch an Emulator (this may take few moments). Once Emulator get started, You will see your application. That’s it!!

Additional Info:

If you want to view the version of Android used in the Project, run the below command

cordova platform version android

Below command will display all the platforms installed along with its version and available for installation.

cordova platform ls

Below command will remove the android from your cordova Project

cordova platform rm android

Below command will add the latest android version to your cordova Project

cordova platform add android@latest

Below command will create the android apk file in release mode

cordova build android --release

In order to publish your APK to Google Play store, key file should be generated. Refer this article for more information.

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