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Ocelot Load Balancer
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Load Balancing with Ocelot API Gateway


To do a load balancing setup using Ocelot gateway.


This will be a basic setup for load balancing with ocelot. I will be using the RoundRobin type for this sample. The sample contains 3 projects 

1.       Ocelot gateway

2.      Microservice 1

3.      Microservice 2 (In real-time we will have same Microservice 1 in a different port or URL)

High level steps

1.       Create 2 Microservice replicate same api

2.      Create a Gateway api and configure routes and load balancing

Detailed Steps

      1. Creating Microservice

  Add a new core web application with web api template

Add a controller and create a getMethod


        public string Get()


            return "Server1";


Repeat the same steps to create Microservice 2 with return value as “Server2”

      2. Create and configure Ocelot

  Add a new core web application with web api template

Install ocelot from NuGet package manager, version to be used – 16.01

Add a json file to the project and name it as ocelot.json and configure the downstream and upstream routes in the json file. For downstream hosts we will specify both the Microservice 1 & 2 like below.

Next we need to set up the Load balancer options in the json file. See the above for reference

"LoadBalancerOptions": {

        "Type": "RoundRobin"



Types supported for Load Balancing by Ocelot

  • ·         LeastConnection - tracks which services are dealing with requests and sends new requests to service with least existing requests. The   algorythm state is not distributed across a cluster of Ocelot’s.
  • ·         RoundRobin - loops through available services and sends requests. The algorythm state is not distributed across a cluster of Ocelot’s.
  • ·         NoLoadBalancer - takes the first available service from config or service discovery.
  • ·         CookieStickySessions - uses a cookie to stick all requests to a specific server.

And also custom load balancing is also supported


Now configuring the startup & program.cs for Ocelot

In program.cs edit the CreateHostBuilder method to below

In startup.cs edit the ConfigureServices & Configure methods like below

Change the Configure to async method and this to last

await app.UseOcelot();