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How to configure Linux Virtual Machine with Apache

1.       Connect Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) through Putty/Git bash

2.       Login as super user. Run the command “sudo su

3.       To update base Repositories. Run the command “apt update

4.       To update Java

a.       Check Java Version and do update. Run the command “java --version

b.       If Java is not present, you will get the below messages

command 'Java' not found, did you mean:

command 'java' from deb default-jre

command 'java' from deb openjdk-11-jre-headless

command 'java' from deb openjdk-8-jre-headless

  command 'lava' from deb lava-tool

Try: apt install <deb name>

c.       To install Java. Run the command “apt install default-jre

5.       To install Apache WebServer (Httpd)

a.       To install Apache/httpd. Run the Command “apt install apache2"

b.       To check the status of Apache2. Run the command “systemctl status apache2” and check whether the Site is displaying default Apache Page.

c.       To check “www” folder is created or not.

                                                               i.      Check with “pwd” and go to Root Folder and use “ls” to view the folders

                                                             ii.      Go to “var” folder and check “www” root folder is present or not. If “www” folder is not there create it.

                                                           iii.      Go inside “www” folder and check “html” folder is there or not. If not, create the “html” folder.

                                                           iv.      Go inside “html” folder, create new project folder “training” using the command “mkdir training

                                                             v.      Go inside “Trainining” folder and run the below command to create new html.

echo "<h1>Hello World</h1>" > index.html

                                                           vi.      Check “index.html” by browsing it from the browser.

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