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Introduction to ADO.NET

  • ADO.NET is a data-access subsystem in the Microsoft .NET Framework.
  • A set of tools and layers that allows your application to easily manage and communicate with its file-based or server-based data store.
  • ADO.NET was developed from ADO (ActiveX Data Objects).
  • In the .NET Framework, the ADO.NET libraries appear under the System.Data namespace.

  • Supports both connected and disconnected data access.
  • ADO.NET is a set of libraries included in the Microsoft .NET Framework that help you to communicate with various data stores from .NET applications.

  • The ADO.NET libraries include classes for connecting to a data source, submitting queries, and processing results. You can also use ADO.NET as a robust, hierarchical, disconnected data cache to work with data off line.  

  • The central disconnected object, the DataSet, allows you to sort, search, filter, store pending changes, and navigates through hierarchical data. 

  • The DataSet also includes a number of features that bridge the gap between traditional data access and XML development.  Developers can now work with XML data through traditional data access interfaces and vice-versa.

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