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Service Host object is in the process of hosting the WCF service and registering endpoints. It loads the service configuration endpoints, apply the settings and start the listeners to handle the incoming request. System.ServiceModel.ServiceHost namespace hold this object. This object is created while self hosting the WCF service.

In the below example you can find that WCF service is self hosted using console application.

ServiceHost objServiceHost = new ServiceHost(typeof(AdaptService), new Uri[] { new Uri("http://localhost:9080/") });

ServiceMetadataBehavior objMetadataBehaviour = new ServiceMetadataBehavior();
objMetadataBehaviour.HttpGetEnabled = true;


objServiceHost.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(IAdaptService), new WSHttpBinding(), "http://localhost:9080/");

objServiceHost.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(IMetadataExchange), new WSHttpBinding(), "MEX");

.WriteLine("The service is running.");

Console.WriteLine("Please <Enter> to terminate the service.");



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